Hooking Up Required?

Recently, I was listening to the radio in the car. A teaser commercial came on to promote the morning show and said “If you’ve just started dating someone and you travel out of town together, stay in the same hotel room, do you have to hook up? Yes? No? What are the rules? Tune in tomorrow as we discuss.”

I turned the radio down, just a little in shock. It seemed like they are setting themselves up for the shortest segment ever. I mean, I don’t feel like I live in a hole, and I don’t feel like I am particularly prudish. But, I’m sorry. What? Do you have to hook up? I guess I just feel a little sad that we’re even discussing if there is ever a situation that mandates sex outside of marriage. Ecclesiastes 1.9 says: What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. And I really believe that, there is nothing new under the sun. The kinds of things that separate us from a holy God are the same kinds of things that the generations before us struggled with, and the generations before them struggled with. But, gosh, it just feels different. The careless ways that we use and abuse sex in our culture just feel so jarring sometimes.

So, I guess I think someone should stand up and say, “NO!” I mean, someone really loud with powerful lungs that could say it in such a way that it would not only echo through all of time and space, but it would resonate in our hearts, in the hearts of young men and women that are navigating relationships and dating life.

The answer is NO. Under no circumstance, are you required to hook up with someone you are dating – whether you are in town, out of town, in love or in the doghouse. God created us for more than that. And when sex is used and enjoyed within the parameters of marriage, we experience a kind of freedom.

I didn’t have it in me to tune in the next day to hear the morning show hosts discuss what I felt like was such a ridiculous topic, but I am hopeful that someone had the nerve to chime in with truth to empower and free their listeners from the lie that sex is ever a dating requirement.

Stepping off soapbox now, weepy and ready for Jesus to come back. Quickly.

Our Three Sons

On Saturday, we hosted a housewarming (post later on how we actually moved this summer and I haven’t written about it yet) and gender reveal party (just realized that I hadn’t written about being pregnant either. Oops.)

We had 66 people show up to our new, downsized house to break it in and help us celebrate the newest member of our family.

We went to the doctor on Wednesday of last week, and asked for the gender picture to be put in an envelope. I later delivered the envelope to my good friend, Laura. I chose Laura because I knew she would keep a secret well, and that she would be honored to be the first to know our news and help us prepare the big reveal.

Laura bought 38 cans of (blue) silly string and wrapped them in craft paper and ribbon.


We decked the place out with pink and blue and let our guests place their bets on the gender.




And then the time came for us to stand surrounded by our family and closest friends and let them spray 38 cans of silly string at us. Who thinks of these things!?







And it turns out, just like that, our family is getting just a little crazier. Very soon, we’ll be a family of five – make that one daddy, one momma and three crazy boys. We’re thrilled, and not one ounce surprised. But, we’ll still take your prayers. Please.

And if you’re looking for an invitation for a housewarming and gender reveal party (since they’re nearly impossible to find), you can check out our Etsy shop.

A huge thank you to our very good friend Scott Wade for most of the photos.

The Bachelorette: Episode 8-11 Recap

Bachelorette Recap Logo-01

We’re going out with a bang, y’all. Turns out that watching two hours of trash every week, plus recording a recap in the summer was a little more work than we bargained for. But, you’ve waited with the patience of Job. And we’re back with one last recap of the end of the season. Here’s hoping it was worth the waiting.

We’ll be back in January. In the meantime, we’re crossing our fingers for a Farmer Chris Bachelor season. Anyone else?