So Stinking Proud

Doug here.  As I type this, my girl is standing on top of a mountain in El Paso  preparing to run her 14th (That’s right… 14th) marathon.  After many long weeks of intense training, here we are.  The wind’s in El Paso can be nasty this time of year, so we are praying they stay down this morning.  I’m also praying that Amanda hit’s her target time of 3h35m and qualifies for the Boston marathon – a life-long goal.  But more than anything I’m praying that she knows how very proud I am to be her husband.

I am not a runner.  I honestly think I would rather give myself a root canal than run any further than I could throw (and I throw like I run…).  I get winded getting the mail.  Amanda on the other hand can run like the wind.  Let me brag here a little… Amanda just ran the 3M half marathon in Austin and came in 21 out of 500 in her age group.  Based on previous years, if Amanda were to run her target time today she would come in first in her age group in today’s marathon.  This is more than just a casual hobby to her.  And while I have ABSOLUTELY NO aspirations to run a marathon myself, this is what’s so cool about marriage – we are truly one flesh.   I am not up on that mountain with her right now, but I can’t imagine her having many more butterflies than I do.  A few miles in I’m going to be waving a florescent pink sign and screaming like a mad man as she flies by and I promise that then and for the next 3 hours I will rise and fall with the expression on her face and the few words she is able to share as she runs by.  I will walk on air with her when she crosses that finish line and I will feel the same elation she does when she realizes that she as attained her goal.  And if the worst happens – If the weather doesn’t cooperate of if she just has a bum day I will hurt with her and we will pick each other up and move on to the next race.  I thank God for my amazing wife.  The same qualities that make her a great marathon make her a great mama and wife.  She has a tenacious endurance that keeps her in the race whether the wind is at her back or in her face.

Baby – I’m so stinking proud of you and I can’t wait to see you at the finish line.


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